ARMOBIL Security Service provides protection through IP cameras, which are placed in any part of Armenia and connected to Operations Management Centre via internet or local network, from where online security is carried out. The protection is implemented by Armobil professional dispatchers using INTELEKT program which is unique in Armenia. The records` confidentiality are ensured and in case of desire it is only provided to the customer or a person authorized by him.

"ARMOBIL" Quick Reaction Groups operate in Armenian regions and all districts of  Yerevan patrolling 24 hours. In case of noticing any danger or loss of visual protection the operators immediately set an alarm. In case alarm monitor shows where the nearest QRG is,  through special computer programs (AG,GPS) and send it to the alarm place. If the video monitoring is lost, the object is being protected with agreement of customer, until the video monitoring is restored.  

Our video monitoring system provides true 24/7 coverage in a most reliable and efficient manner.

  • Highly trained professionals evaluate and respond to any situation on your premises
  • Full offering of the most advanced technology on the market
  • With Armobil all of your security solutions are managed through a single solution. We efficiently consolidate every property security system.
  • If a security violation does occur, our Operations Centre will be your sole point of contact to receive updates on the status of your property, including what response measures have been taken.
  • Our team will professionally install your system, ensuring that the placement of the cameras is effective and secure.


“Armobil” is a leading private security company in the RA that offers its clients the finest and the most innovative security measures.
“Armobil” was established in 2000 on a solid base of experience in guarding, patrolling and investigating.
Our motto is “Navigate Your Security Needs”
With over 20 years of experience “Armobil” has proven the best choice for hundreds of companies, international organizations and individuals.
Our services include commercial, industrial and civil protection, which will entitle You to a security proof atmosphere allowing to concentrate on Your basic business and living activities. Our specialists are ready to meet and work with You to customize all Your security needs.
No matter where you are or when you need us, our team is standing by ready to respond.



  • 24/7 Operation Centre 
  • Top level professionals with many years of experience
  • Service in the whole territory of Armenia 
  • Free consultation on your security needs
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Quick Response Team 
  • Real-time Asset Security Video Monitoring Services 
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response Service
  • V.I.P. Bodyguarding
  • Advice on Crisis Management and Emergency Situations
  • Fulfill Your Organization's Duty of Care Responsibility

Our advantages:

  • Years of experience
  • Legality
  • Top level professionals
  • Large scale service
  • Complete privacy
  • Responsibility
  • Advanced security approach
  • Innovative technology
  • Individual customer service
  • Sence of security